Sunday November 1, 2009

Sunday – Rest Day

Day 42 of the burpee challenge (also make sure you did the 41 for

We are proud of everyone of you that came out for the Clinton 5k run/walk
today. We had 13 crossfitters that won 1st or 2nd place. Way to work. So proud
of each one of you. I think some of you surprised yourself.

Here are the CrossFit winners

Female age 1-14
Maddie Montgomery 33:17 (2nd place)

Male age 1-14
Willis Long 46:48 (2nd place)

Female age 20-24
Heidi Patterson 37:19 (1st place)

Female age 25-29
Lindsey Pitts 36:53 (2nd place)

Female age 30-34
Ashley Martin (2nd place)

Female age 35-39
Brandi Smith 30:46 (1st place)
Sarah Westbury 30:47 (2nd place)

Male age 35-39
Tex Glenn 26:08 (1st place)
David Nabors 34:23 (2nd place)

Female age 40-44
Beth Wilson 30:46 (1st place)
Cynthia Pitts 36:28 (2nd place)

Female age 55-59
Laura Carlton 34:25 (2nd place)

Male age 55-59
G Ramage 23:15 (2nd place)

all the rest of you that did not win 1st or 2nd place you rock! Way to run. So proud! Thanks again for coming out for the run/walk. See you Monday.

“The secret of the Lord is with those who fear him..” Psalm 25:14

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