Jay Long

166196_1711126615877_1169463231_31907095_184791_nJay Long is one that embodies the principles of dedication, commitment, and perseverance. He is dedicated to his faith, family, gym, fitness, and clients. He strives to make sure that every person that enters the gym is able to reach their full fitness potential, regardless of the shape they are in. Whether it be deadlifting 500 lbs or simply running 400 meters, he is committed to helping everyone reach their goal. Because of Jay’s dedication and commitment to clients, he has obtained multiple certifications to enhance the programming of the gym.

He has his Crossfit Level 1 Certification, Crossfit Level 1 Kettlebell Certification, Crossfit Level 1 Nutrition Certification and Crossfit Movement and Mobility Certification. When the workouts get tough, Jay is always there to encourage and help each athlete persevere.

When Jay is not at the gym, he is teaching at his driving school, Greenlight Academy, where he continues to show dedication and commitment in making sure that students are taught the proper way to navigate the roads. Jay retired as a Lieutenant with the South Carolina Highway Patrol in 2009, following a career of distinguished service. After many miles of patrolling South Carolina’s highways, Jay was chosen from hundreds of troopers to serve on the Governor’s Executive Protection Detail— where he spent the next eight years.

On this elite detail, Jay received even more expert driver training along with training from the U.S. Secret Service. Not only was he responsible for the safety of two South Carolina first families, he helped coordinate presidential visits and was assigned to protect many distinguished visitors and dignitaries.

After leaving Columbia, Lieutenant Long returned to the Upstate to do what he loves most—keeping South Carolina’s citizen’s safe. Here, he spent the last seven years of his HP career serving as the Troop Headquarters Executive Officer, supervising troopers throughout seven counties. As a natural leader and widely respected professional, Jay not only guided young troopers, but implemented state-of-the-art safety initiatives like crash reduction strategies and school safety programs.

Perhaps most importantly, Jay is a loving father that cares deeply for his two boys. He strives to instill in them the values and morals that he believes so firmly in. Jay’s tenderheartedness and compassion carries over into his day to day life, making him a person that athletes flock to in order to enhance their overall health.

Janice Long

image6Janice is a CrossFit mom, but not the one who bakes you cookies. She’s the one who always expects your best and won’t take anything less. She motivates us, inspires us, laughs with us, and gets up early with us. To say she’s been active her whole life is an understatement – she makes the Energizer Bunny look sluggish. She has run 8 marathons, is constantly heading up the CrossFit workouts, and she’s always the one who’s willing to do whatever crazy activity someone suggests. An extra mile or two after a grueling work-out? She’s always game.

Her commitment to fitness and her clients has led her to obtain her Crossfit Level 1 Certification, Crossfit Level 1 Nutrition Certification, and Crossfit movement and mobility certification. Although she expects nothing but your best, she is your biggest encourager and supporter regardless of the results. She is always there, any time or any day, willing to provide any type of support or encouragement you may need. In the midst of a strenuous, fatiguing workout, you can always count on Janice to encourage and motivate you to finish. She motivates her athletes on a daily basis to achieve feats that they never could have fathomed. To be a successful trainer, one must be encouraging, supportive, motivating, caring, loving, and compassionate; Janice is all of the above.