Crossfit 864

img_0709One of the qualities that set a Crossfit gym apart for others is the sense of community that is built amongst the hours of sweat and tough workouts.  Crossfit864 embodies the community aspect in a variety of different ways.  Regardless if it is your first time at the box or you’ve been there for years, you will never feel alone in the midst of a tough workout.  The warm welcome you receive from Jay and Janice when you first enter the gym makes you feel like part of the family and they are there beside you the entire time pushing you to reach goals that you never thought were possible. 

Likewise, the members of the gym are like one big family celebrating the ups and downs and life together.  You’ll always have friends to catch dinner with after a class and a support system to walk with you through the trials of life.  Crossfit864 is family friendly and encourages your children to come with you and be active as well, even if it means throwing the football in the parking lot.  Taking ownership of your fitness and involving your children is an excellent way to show them how important their health is!  But don’t worry, we welcome those four-legged children as well! We love our Crossfit864 pups!

So, what does community at Crossfit864 look like?  It looks like a group of imperfect people all working towards the same goal of increasing their fitness level, one workout at a time.  It also looks like women who meet together after a workout to discuss the Bible and learn more about the Lord.  It looks like weekly men’s round tables where men can gather with other men to study the Bible.  It looks like pot-luck cookouts on Friday nights and Saturday morning team WODS.  It looks like traveling to local competitions to support you fellow Crossfitters.  Most importantly, Crossfit864 looks like a community of people that have fallen in love with this crazy thing called Crossfit that are willing to push each other to their limits with encouragement and simply doing life together!