Tuesday 07.31.18

864 Strength + Conditioning – Be Awesome Today!

You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
-Matthew 5:14,16

“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.”
-Charlton Heston (1924-2008)

Today’s WOD START promptly as a group / on the clock at: 5:15a.m./8:00a.m./4:15p.m./5:15p.m./6:15p.m.

Today’s Skill Work – Work on a weakness today. Wall Ball Form/OH Loaded Barbell Carry

864 STRONG Community news and upcoming events:

The 864 Crew is going to the Greenville Drive Baseball Game on Wednesday August 1 (game starts at 7:00) and you are invited. We will meet at Fluor Field. Sign up list on board.

All Saturday WODs are determined by how many are signed up on the whiteboard. If you sign up – please show up. If you plan on showing up – please sign up. Thank you!

Cars & Coffee – Saturday August 11th from 8:00a.m. – 10:00a.m. at Clinton City Parking Lot across from Main Street Bakery.

864 Summer Challenge Series – Month of July. Run 1 mile each day for the 31 days of July. If you miss a day – you are out. Make the commitment and get signed up on the board.

Practical Self Defense #2 – Ladies Only / Saturday September 8th 9:00a.m. – 12:00 ($30 – must prepay)

Backpack Drive for Children in Need – A lot of children/families need our help. We will start collecting backpacks at CF864 for back to school. This drive is through our church (Grace Church Harrison Bridge) and the supplies that are purchased through ya’ll will go directly back into Laurens County through the Laurens County DSS. There are 3 different cards at the gym (elementary school, middle school and high school) each card has a list of items. You can do this as an individual, couple or partner up with someone. The CF864 crew has always been there to help those in need and there are plenty of families around us that legitimately need help. We need these at the gym NLT Friday August 3. Check with Jay or Janice for details.

 Question: Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely.

August 864 Dues / NLT Wednesday August 1, 2018 – $25 Late Fee after August 1. Thank you very much! We appreciate you.

864 WOD – Strength + Conditioning / 100 x Curtis P

– Curtis P must start from the ground each rep.

– 1 rep will consist of 1x power clean + 1x front rack forward lunge (right leg) + 1x front rack forward lunge (left leg) + 1x push press.

RX Load = 135/95 – Scaled = 95/65 (based on your strength/ stamina)

Check out the info (above and on board at gym) Backpack Drive for Children in Need. If you have been blessed – bless someone in need.

Base all training on your strength/fitness level/skill level. Scale/modify as needed. Train Hard. Train Heavy. Train Smart.

Always listen the the details of the workout and the coaching tips to help you decide how to approach each workout. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

 CF864 – CONSTANTLY VARIED. Stay out of the Rut. Routine is the enemy…and it’s boring.

Support your community. Give more than you take. #yeahthatclinton

Challenge yourself today

Have a great Tuesday…Make it a great one!

Janice and Jay