Tuesday 01.08.19

864 STRONG – Capable & Willing.

The wise are glad to be instructed, but babbling fools fall flat on their faces.  
-Proverbs 10:8

4 Signs that you are STUCK:
-Always Complaining
-Making Excuses
-Blaming Others

Today’s schedule: 5:15a.m./8:00a.m./4:15p.m./5:15p.m./6:15p.m.

January 864 Dues / NLT Tuesday January 1, 2019 – $25 Late Fee after January 1. Thank you very much! We appreciate you.

How bad do you want it? Ask yourself that question every time you skip the gym because you don’t like the workout.

864 Strength + Conditioning – 3 RFT:

Run 400 Meters
8 KB Snatch – L
8 KB Snatch – R
21 Deadlifts – 225/185

RX KB Load 24kg./16kg. – DL Load 225/185 – Don’t load RX weight if you have to break DL’s into more than 2 sets. Please don’t drop bar from lockout.

RX Movement Standards –  There is no almost RX. It’s 100% RX’d or Scaled. Scale based on your strength/motivation level.

The GRIND is real…

Jay and Janice