Monday 12.11.17

864 Strength + Conditioning – and the grind starts over.

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.
-Matthew 12:30

“We do not segment our lives, giving some time to God, some to our business or schooling, while keeping parts to ourselves. The idea is to live all of our lives in the presence of God, under the authority of God, and for the honor and glory of God. That is what the Christian life is all about.”
R.C. Sproul

Social Media tip of the day: Addicted to Social Media? Not sure? Try to UNPLUG for a week.

Today’s WOD START promptly at: 8:00a.m./4:15p.m./5:15p.m./6:15p.m.

Pre WOD – Warm-up/Skill Work/Mobility /Goat Work

Today’s Skill Work – Work on a weakness today. Suggestion – Grip Strength + Hold on Pull-up Bar (it will show up again in the WOD)

864 WOD – Strength + Conditioning 

Strength – 1 RM Bench Press – Work up to a heavy single (Log your strength numbers. Set a new 1 rep max PR today)

December 864 Dues NLT Friday 1 December 2017 – $25 Late Fee after 1 December. Thank you very much! We appreciate you.

 and the grind begins…

Conditioning – Today’s Training 10 rounds of:

3 Back Squats – AHAP (Goal of todays training – 3 HEAVY squats. Select a light weight and you will miss the focus of this WOD)
5 Box Jumps (24/20)

A Squat above parallel is NOT a Squat! Select a weight for 3 challenging unbroken reps – don’t load it on the bar if you can’t squat it to proper depth. Load based on your strength level. Squat weight on today’s training is more important than your time.

There is no almost RX. It’s 100% RX’d or Scaled. There is NO almost RX

Train HARD. Train SMART.

864 STRONG Community news and upcoming events:

Mark your calendar for the following 864 events.

CF864 Christmas Party – Friday December 15 at 7:30p.m. – Sign up on board. Bring a $10 Gift for exchange. Please list what side dish you plan on bringing.

Frogman’s Christmas 2017 – December 18

864 Christmas Light Run/Walk through Clinton – December 21 leaving CF864 at 6:00 (no 6:15p.m. WOD)

Thanks to all of you that supported Operation Christmas Child.

Cars & Coffee – December 9 from 8:00a.m. – 10:00a.m. at Clinton City Parking Lot across from Main Street Bakery. Bring any private owned car and come hang out with us. Check with Jay or Janice if you have any questions.

Special prices on new shirts / hoodies at 864 – Represent your Box!

Have you tried Silva Fire Roasted Coffee? Freshly roasted beans available at 864 for all you coffee snobs out there.

Check out CrossFit864 on Facebook / Instagram. Post your PRs.

Ladies Bible Study – Tuesday (December 19) at 7:00p.m. at CF864. You are invited.

MRT – Men’s Roundtable Monday night at CF864 immediately after the last WOD. Check with Jay for details.

2018 CrossFit864 Half Marathon / 5k – Saturday February 3, 2018. Get signed up early

Community + Gym + You = CrossFit864.

Janice and Jay