Monday 04.08.19

864 STRONG / No Frills – Just Results.

God has called us to live holy lives, not impure lives.  
-1 Thessalonians 4:7

The proof of spiritual maturity is not how pure you are but awareness of your impurity. That very awareness opens the door to grace. 
-Philip Yancey

The people who make you smile from just seeing them, those are my favorite people.
-Just Smile

Today’s schedule: 8:00a.m./4:15p.m./5:15p.m./6:15p.m.

Pre-WOD – Goat Work/Skill Work. Mobility/Warm-up (move – get your heart rate up)

Strength – You will have 15 minute to find your 5RM Front Squat – work up to a heavy set of 5. Remember to log your strength numbers.
Warm up – start adding weight on the bar until you hit that heavy set of 5. Push each other today. Our priority today = Get Stronger!

What’s todays WOD?

864 Strength + Conditioning – The Grind: Open 12.1

RX Movement Standards –  There is no almost RX. It’s 100% RX’d or Scaled. Scale based on your strength/motivation level.
Movement standards will always be covered before the training starts.
If you are not sure about a particular movement/exercise please be patient until we cover it as a group. Thank You!

April Challenge – 2,000 Back Squats – RX Load 135/95. Scaled Load 95/65. A Squat above parallel is NOT a Squat. Don’t count it! It would be sad to complete 2,000 squats in a month and none of them count. If you are not sure about your depth just ask. You can always put a box or a med ball under you if you need help making sure that you hit depth. Keep it legit. If you see your partner hitting shallow squats…call them out. No Rep! If you see good deep squats give them a thumbs up – Legit!
Big shout to everyone that accepted the March Challenge and completed it. Very proud of those who pushed it even beyond the goal of 2,ooo.  Remember if it were easy it wouldn’t be a challenge and everyone would be doing it and actually finishing it.

CF864 News:

Highlander Havoc – on the Presbyterian College Campus. Wednesday April 10th from 11:00a.m. until 2:00p.m. and 4:30p.m. until 5:30p.m. See details on board at gym.
This is the day for CF864 to come out and support our community. Highlander Havoc honors the PC ROTC Program. This will be a fun event – there is no cost and everyone receives a free t-shirt.
Please sign up on the link below.

Please check out the whiteboard for opportunities to help support local things going on in our community.
Ask us about an opportunity to help support DSS (Laurens County) there are a lot of needs within our own community.
Putting together duffle bags for DSS. If you have been blessed – Bless others!

2019 CrossFit864 Pump and Run / Pull and Run. Max Rep Bench Press & Run / Max Rep Deadlift & Run.
Saturday April 27, 2019. Get signed  up today. Early sign up discount applies now. Rate will increase.

 Support YOUR Community. If you don’t – who will?

Jay and Janice