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864 STRONG – You Matter.

Then he said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you MUST give up your own way, take up your cross daily, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.
-Luke 9:23-24

Jesus Christ did not come into this world to make bad people good; he came into this world to make dead people live.
-Lee Strobel

Quote from Coach Glassman: “Chase your weakness.”
Don’t avoid working on the things that you suck at. Pick one or two of them and add them into your warm-up.
Practice Single-Leg Squats in your skill work time. Don’t create your own DIY movement standards.

Faith. Trust. There is Power in Prayer! Pray for America.

There is Power in Prayer! Please pray for peace and healing in our land. Spend more time praying and less time worrying today. How can we pray for “you” today?

Don’t miss the opportunity to do something today that you wish you had done yesterday.

ENVY – Blowing out the other persons candle will not make yours shine brighter. Be considerate of others.

Morning Nutrition Tip: We love bacon because you can wrap it around anything. Basically, it’s the duct tape of food.

Today’s gym schedule: 5:15a.m./8:00a.m.

864 STRENGTH + CONDITIONING Training – The Daily GRIND:  / 5 RFT / Show up. Do hard work. Don’t complain.

Social Media tip of the day – Social media is like crack. Immediately gratifying and hugely addictive. Don’t be a victim.
You can’t fix stupid…but you can watch it in action on Facebook every day!
Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun. / Have the wisdom to show restraint. –Proverbs 23:4

DIG DEEP! Results or Excuses. Pick one. You can’t have both.

You either live a self directed life or a God directed life. Your choice. There is no in between. What are you putting your hope in today?

Be relentless. Never give up. Give 100%. The strong, dedicated athletes just show up each day and do hard work. See ya in the gym?

“If you need music to motivate you, or to make you work harder, then go find something else to do.”
-Josh Everett (CrossFit Athlete / Coach)

30 Second UB HS Hold
Crawl 1 x Length of Gym / move slow and stay low
30 Second KB Hold – 2 x AHAP KBs
15 GHD or AbMat Sit-ups

Be Coachable. You are either RX or Scaled. There is no almost or in between. Be Legit. Start Strong! Finish Strong!

RX Form – Full ROM. We would rather see one quality rep than 100 crappy reps. You are only cheating yourself.

Constantly Varied. No Ruts.

Be careful not to turn a short, fast paced sprint workout into a marathon.
RX – Form. Form. Form.

#1 Goal Today –Don’t be judgmental. Be Kind because everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Post Training / Cash Out – Stretch, work on your ROM (range of motion) and hydrate! Don’t finish your workout and be in the car within 30 seconds and gone. Spend a little time during this post workout period working on these important elements. This will help reduce soreness, risk of injury and will allow you to achieve greater range of motion through every exercise. 864 is about community and it’s hard to be part of the community if you rush in and rush out. That’s what you do in classes at a Globo Gym.

FORM. FORM. FORM. Sloppy reps don’t count. Listen up. Listen up. Listen up for the movement standards before the workout starts.


Train Hard. Train Heavy. Train Smart. Have Fun.

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.
-Ernest Hemingway

864 News & Upcoming Events:

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864 Pump and Run / Pull and Run. Saturday May 7

864 BBQ. Barbells. Live Music. Thursday May 12

Memorial Day MURPH – Monday May 30

Definition of Challenge: Demanding, testing one’s determination, willpower, abilities, skills and resources. A call to fight, as a battle.

Entitlement is a delusion built on self-centeredness and laziness. Nobody ever said that life was fair. Deal with it! Don’t compare your life to other peoples life. Live your own. Keep Calm and Mind Your Own Business…

If YOU don’t support your community – who will? Do you give MORE than you take?

864 – Camaraderie, Community and Competition. 3.2.1.Go!

Jay and Janice