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9/11 – NEVER FORGET! 19 Years ago today…

Because you have made the Lord your refuge, and the Most High your dwelling place, There shall no evil befall you, nor any plague or calamity come near your tent.
-Psalm 91:9-10 (AMP)

“We’ve seen so much that brings tears to our eyes and makes us all feel a sense of anger. But God can be trusted, even when life seems at its darkest.”
-Billy Graham (Billy Graham’s remarks given at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on Friday, September 14, 2001, brought hope and healing to a shocked nation. His words are still powerful and relevant 19 years later.)

Over 10,000 first responders and others who were in the World Trade Center area that day have been diagnosed with cancer. Officials anticipate that the number of those who die from those cancers will exceed the more than 2,600 who died in the attacks that day. The first responders who were in and around the two World Trade Centers when they collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001 have died of cancer they developed as a result of exposure to the toxic blend of ash, chemicals and other toxic materials they dug through to find survivors.

“It’s the nature of the world that most people have moved on, but the people directly involved with 9/11, for them, twice a day it’s 9/11.”
Robert Reeg, former FDNY firefighter

Today’s gym schedule: 5:15a.m./4:15p.m./5:15p.m./6:15p.m.

ALL groups will be limited in size and will based on sign up for each group. Sign up will be done through email only at info@crossfit864.com / please sign up by email – not text.
Please don’t just show up if you aren’t signed up. This includes the Saturday morning workout. Thanks to those who are helping us with this. Thank you for your consideration and understanding. Please check the 864 site daily for updates and information. Look forward to seeing you today!

864 Strength + Conditioning WOD – The Daily Grind / Daily workout could vary throughout the day. Train Hard. Train Smart. Buy In – always starts as a group.

Today’s WOD: Complete for time – Constantly Varied. Routine is the Enemy. Stay out of the Rut!

864 STRONG! Keep moving forward…

PLEASE make sure that you are signed up for the group (all groups) before you just show up. Have you signed up for a group today?
See sign up details above. We are asking everyone to please help us with this. info@crossfit864.com

If you plan on showing up Saturday – please make sure that you are signed up. Thank You!


Buy In always starts as a group.

11 Handstand Push-ups
11 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
11 Power Cleans (185/135)
11 Box Jumps (24/20)
11 Kettlebell Swings (32kg./24kg.) American
11 Front Squats (185/135)
11 Push-ups
11 Deadlift (185/135)
11 Jumping Air Squats

Hoodie / Sweatshirt / Sweat Pant Order going in soon – Let us know if you have preference on color and size.

Movement Standards will always be covered before the workout starts. If you are unsure about any part of the WOD please be patient until the scheduled time for the group.

Good form over time. Good form over number of rounds completed.

You must be able to complete ALL movements with FULL ROM if RX.

RX = Load + Form. Tight!

Check your pride and ego when making the decision on RX or Scaled. Base your decision on strength and skill level not on what someone else is doing. Focus on your own training.
You are either IN or OUT – there is no in between.

If you plan on showing up Saturday – please make sure that you are signed up. Thank You!

On this day September 11, 2001 – In the U.S., four airliners were hijacked and were intentionally crashed. Two airliners hit the World Trade Center, which collapsed shortly after, in New York City, NY. One airliner hit the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. Another airliner crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. About 3,000 people were killed.
On this day September 11, 2012 – Terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans were brutally murdered and ten others were injured.

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