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Monday 08.05.19 – 864 STRONG Ya’ll! 

“This is what the Lord says—the Lord who made the earth, who formed and established it, whose name is the Lord: Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.
-Jeremiah 33:2-3

“There is a great deal of difference between falling into a temptation, and running into a temptation. The falling into a temptation shall work for good, not the running into it. He that falls into a river is capable of help and pity, but he that desperately turns into it is guilty of his own death.”
-Thomas Watson

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Today’s schedule: START at 8:00a.m./4:15P.M./5:15P.M./6:15P.M.

Strength – You will have 15 minute to find your 5RM Front Squat – work up to a heavy set of 5. Remember to log your strength numbers.
Warm up – start adding weight on the bar until you hit that heavy set of 5. Push each other today. Our priority today = Get Stronger!

Reminder – August 864 Dues / NLT Thursday August 1, 2019 – $25 Late Fee after August 1. Thank you very much! We appreciate you.

864 Strength + Conditioning – The Grind: AMRAP – 15

5 KB Snatch (L)
5 KB Snatch (R)
10 Strict T2B
5 Single – KB overhead squat (L)
5 Single – KB overhead squat (R)

RX – KB Load = AHAP for 5 UB reps each side – with good form. Must be able to Snatch and OHS same KB. Select a weight that you can use for both movements.
A Squat above parallel is NOT a Squat! If it’s not below parallel it’s not RX.

RX is more than the amount of weight on the bar and more than the amount of reps.

Skill work – Get on the pull-up bar / Forget about learning to kip until you have mastered the movement with strict form.

RX is more than the amount of weight on the bar and more than the amount of reps.

CF864 News:

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August 864 Challenge – Deadlift as many pounds as possible during the month of August. 
Weight x Reps. Post your name and log your pounds each day. Who can total the most pounds with legit form. No sloppy reps! No bouncing. No dropping bar from the lockout / NO Rep!
Challenge – 100,000 pounds

No Frills – Just Results

Jay and Janice